Book Summary

    In the novel Bruiser, by Neal Shusterman, a 16 year old boy, Tennyson Sternberg and his twin sister Bronte, enter the life of a lonely, antisocial giant named Brewster or "Bruiser" Rawlins who transforms their lives forever. Throughout the novel Shusterman allows the reader to gain insight about the main characters: Bronte, Tennyson, Bruiser, and Cody by telling the story through all of their point of views. It begins when Bronte starts dating Bruiser and befriending him, and her brother Tennyson, who thinks very lowly of Bruiser, feels obligated to protect Bronte by eliminating Bruiser from her life. To do this Tennyson constantly keeps a close eye on Bruiser and one day he encounters him in the locker room where he discovers that his back is a “battlefield,” covered in scars and bruises. This unpleasant sight really strengthened Tennyson's thinking patterns about Bruiser being dangerous and his urge to rid him from Bronte's life. One day Tennyson visits Bruiser's house, an old worn out shack, where he lives with his intimidating grumpy old Uncle Hoyt, and his eight year old innocent reckless younger brother Cody. While at his house Tennyson discovers his Uncle's overbearing power and violent demeanor which just makes him even more passionate about protecting Bronte and ridding Bruiser. However, the more Tennyson rejects Bruiser and degrades him the more Bronte loves him and accepts him.

    This close relationship that Bronte and Bruiser share eventually leads to Bronte and Tennyson discovering what makes Bruiser so strange and antisocial, Bruiser has the power to take away the physical and emotional pain of only the power he cares. This bizarre ability is what causes him to isolate himself from the rest of society in fear that by caring about too many people he will obtain so much pain and bruises that he will die.This discovery gives Bronte and Tennyson a whole new respect for him and they no longer view him as an outsider, but someone they really care about and feel obligated to protect. As Bruiser's special ability starts affecting his life and the lives of Bronte and Tennyson, the twins begin to realize that although they may enjoy no longer have to go through pain, Bruiser is growing very weak and feeble as the injuries build up, and he could eventually die. This overwhelming truth causes them to become fearful of getting hurt and as they pull Bruiser close into their family and introduce him into their group of friends, his scars become countless and eventually his body is hardly recognizable. These unbearable scars cause the twins to feel guilt and grief and eventually overwhelms Bronte so much that she decides to spend time alone at a local swimming pool where she accidentely slips and bumps her head onto the side if the pool knocking her in and causing her to drown. As she begins to lose her life Bruiser finds her and jumps in to save knowing that eventually her death would become his and he would revive her and save her. Finally as Bronte regains strength and Bruiser drowns both her and her brother desperately struggle to revive him which eventually succeeds however he still remains unconscious. This tragic fatality put Bruiser into a severe comma and finally at the end of the novel he slowly begins to awake and reenter into the world where his life would being anew and the twins and his family and friends are anxiously awaiting to start a new life of tender care and unending love.



by: Darya Frenkel and Brianna Smith